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California Art Research Monographs

Rare Complete Set of 20 Volumes (1980s Reprint)

Gene Hailey, editor
California Art Research
Originally Published by the Works Progress Administration
San Francisco, California
1935 - 1937


Gainsborugh Products offers this rare set of California Art Research monographs, compiled in the 1930s as part of a Works Progress Administration project to record information about early California artists, primarily of the San Francisco Bay area. The 20 volume set is a 1980s reprint of the original typewritten, mimeographed work (does not include the tipped-in illustrations of the original). The set is 21 physical volumes, as volume 20 is divided into two parts, separately bound. It is an intriguing and indispensable reference for the library of a lover of California art.

The books are of bound 8 1/2" x 11" pages with transparent plastic covers. This set is in excellent condition and has not been annotated or altered. A few illustrative photos and the list of artists appear below.

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California Art Research 20 Volume Book
Volume Binding Detail
Volumes and Artists
Alphabetical List of Artists
California Art Research Printable Contents
Vol II Cover
Vol II Table of Contents, page 1
Vol II Table of Contents, page 2
William Keith Example